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 New donating list + Prices!

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Mod Ben
Getting 1337!
Getting 1337!
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New donating list + Prices! Empty
PostSubject: New donating list + Prices!   New donating list + Prices! I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 11:53 pm

Welcome to the new and improved donation thread, as you all know, hosting CoolerScape isn't free :l
I get charged for VPS, and advertisment, for that i'm asking you to help me out a bit, not for free, you get many options by donating:

Donator options:
5$ - Donator status + symbol
10$ - Super donator status + different yell options and color
15$ - Extreme donator + all donator options + different yell options and color
Access to OVERLOAD potions + Donator cape & Better food.

New donating list + Prices! Donor_10
New donating list + Prices! Donor_11

Party hat set: 20$ OR 6$/Partyhat (color of your choice.)
New donating list + Prices! Phats10

Santa hat: 8$
New donating list + Prices! Santa10

Mask set: 18$ OR 8$/Mask (color of your choice.)
New donating list + Prices! Masks10

Any other rare items: 5$/Other rare of your choice.
New donating list + Prices! Other_10

Korasi's sword (120 MAX on monsters, 85+ on players!): 12$
New donating list + Prices! Korasi10

Chaotic weapon set: 25$ OR 8$/Weapon of your choice.
New donating list + Prices! Chaoti11

Armadyl set: 12$ Armadyl godsword: 5$
Bandos set: 10$ Bandos godsword: 3.5$
New donating list + Prices! Armaba10

Vesta's set: 15$
Statius's set: 15$
Zuriels's set: 12$
Morrigans's set: 12$
New donating list + Prices! Pvp_ar10

Spirit shield set: 25$
Divine spirit shield: 12$ (Got amazing effect)
Elysian spirit shield: 10$ (Got amazing effect)
Arcane spirit shield: 8$
Spectral spirit shield: 6$
New donating list + Prices! Newspi10

Donating for pk points:
50 pk points: 2.5$
100 pk points: 5$
1000 pk points: 40$

New option:
1$ = 1500K (1.5M) - Calculator will be used Wink

* To see the donator zone in action, visit the video on the advertisment page!
99 thieving + extreme donator = 3M/Click!
Restore special attack in donor zone!
Access to the most amazing shops!
At the donator zone.

There you go, enjoy!

New donating list + Prices! Tupac_Sig_by_gerrylolly
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New donating list + Prices!
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