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 [TD] Team Destruction [TD]

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PostSubject: [TD] Team Destruction [TD]   [TD] Team Destruction [TD] I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 16, 2011 4:36 am

[TD] Team Destruction [TD] 2rpfcs9

Welcome to the Team Destruction clan recruitment thread!
One of the first clans in Coolerscape!

Team destruction is a pking team with both a pure/tank branch and a main branch.
There are 5 spots on each team. No more than 5 members will be allowed on each branch.
We are a clan that focuses on respect and unity. If you are not respectful, do not apply.

-=Chain of Command (Main Branch)=-
Leader: L0lx
Co-Leader: Niglet
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open

-=Chain of Command (Pure/Tank Branch)=-
Leader: Raped
Co-Leader: Tasty Jesus
Member: Open
Member: Open
Member: Open

1. No disrespecting ANY other clan members. If there is conflict between clan members, both members will be removed from the team (or the antogonist only, depending on the situation), with no exceptions, if an immediate resolution cannot be reached.
2. We will treat other clans with respect. No crying and complaining if you're killed or if we lose a battle.
3. No glitching of any kind will be tolerated.
4. You must be reasonably active. I understand that real life takes precedence, but if you go more than 4 or 5 days without being online, you will be removed from the team (Unless it is for good reason, of course. Just try to tell me or a co-leader if you're going to be away for an extended period of time.)
5. This isn't really a rule, more of an encouragment. When not pking with the team, please pk with honor. Don't rush and teleport, and don't be an asshole to other pkers.
6. This one should be obvious, but follow ALL of the Coolerscape rules.
7. Don't be a cocky prick, no one likes people like that.
8. Always remember pking is for fun. Don't pk if you're gonna get frustrated and rage.
9. Check the thread in the clan discussion forum regularly once you're in the clan.

We will do the basic clan events, such as pk trips, clan wars, pest control trips, fight pits, possibly drop parties, etc. Try to attend as many of these events as possible. I know that everyone won't be able to attend every event, but just try your best.

-Pure/Tank Branch-
At least 3 99 combat skills (hp included)
94+ magic
85-101 combat (might accept a couple levels higher or lower)
A tryout by either me or the co-leader. (explained later)

-Main Branch-
114+ combat
94+ magic
A tryout by either me or the co-leader. (explained later)

-=Tryout Information=-
The trout proceedure consists of 3-5 fights between either me, the co-leader, or another member (either the co-leader or I must be present to watch if it is another member.) and the potential new member. The new member must win at least one or two of these fights (depending on how many fights you do) OR you must put up a good enough fight, determined by me or the co-leader. The tryout will also consist of a brief, very easy quiz on basic pking knowledge. (pking terms, your strategies, etc.).

Questions with stars (*) at the end are optional, and do not need to be answered.
1. What is your in-game name?
2. What is your name in real life?*
3. What branch are you applying for?
4. What are your combat stats? (Attack, Strength, Defence, Prayer, HP, Magic, Ranged)
5. What is your combat level?
6. Are you reasonably active?
7. Do you agree to follow all of the rules?
8. Will you try to come to as many clan events as possible?
9. What time zone are you in?* (asked for scheduling purposes, for clan wars, pk trips, etc.)
10. Are you ready to whoop some ass?

There will be a post in the clan discussion forum with information. Be sure to check it regularly. Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to getting some members!

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PostSubject: Hey add theese   [TD] Team Destruction [TD] I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 17, 2011 11:12 pm

Add new banner, and add another question. Will you smd?
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[TD] Team Destruction [TD]
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