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 Heres my list of suggestions.

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Heres my list of suggestions. Empty
PostSubject: Heres my list of suggestions.   Heres my list of suggestions. I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 17, 2011 11:31 pm

Alright well first off, i like this server alot, but i think it needs some work, and here are some things i think would help.
1.Group heal, this added makes GWD trips easier, and so your able to kill him more then once before banking. along with all bosses.
2.I don't think barrows should be in a shop, they are supposed to be rare type items. back to like real rs, or kill the one for the armor type u want.
3.Take Dfs, d boots, and d claws out of shops.
4.Make getting curses a minigame like you did with rfd gloves.
5. Dds specs barely ever hit, the highest i have hit on a person/monster was 34 total.
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Heres my list of suggestions.
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